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The NEW Indianapolis International Airport is open - November 12th, 2008

How to find Castle Cab at the NEW Indianapolis Airport

This information is subject to change (As the airport is new, procedures may change). Please check back before your scheduled pickup appointment to verify information presented here.

We are presently picking up curbside at the new Indianapolis Airport. At this time, we can pick up passengers with cell phones only, as we do not yet have a designated meeting spot.

Because Castle Cab Interstate Transport is not a taxi (we used unmarked vehicles), we cannot pick you up at a "taxi area".

Your Castle Cab driver will await your call (space permitting, generally in the "cell phone lot"), and pick you up at arrivals (baggage claim) approximately 2 minutes following your call to 765-653-8294. The driver will describe the vehicle and ask for a description of your person in order to spot you.

Important Information

Due to security and limited curbside spaces, we are not able to wait curbside. Do not phone until you are waiting curbside, as the airport security personnel will not permit us to stop unless "actively loading or unloading passengers", with no exceptions.

It is essential you have your cell phone turned on so that your driver may reach you as well.

Indianapolis International Airport Terminal

Map Overview

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